The Best Small Lifts for Houses: The Domestic Home Lift Guide.

The Best Small Lifts for Houses: The Domestic Home Lift Guide.

Domestic home lifts are designed to carry people and wheelchair users from one floor to the next through their homes; compact and small in size and installed so that the home’s aesthetic is not compromised. There are multiple options to choose from when considering a home lift, but that means there are also many factors to consider, such as price, functionality, funding & placement. Take a read of our helpful domestic home lift guide…

What is a domestic home lift?

A domestic home lift is essentially a smaller elevator for your home, when stairs become too much trouble, or if you have increased mobility issues a home installed domestic lift may be the answer to your problems. Domestic lifts work by installing a small lift attached to a back wall of your home, cutting through your first-floor floorboards to make way for a lift entrance. The design of home lifts is often subtle and aesthetically pleasing, meaning they do not draw distraction away from the beauty of your home.

How do I know if I need a house lift?

You may be considering whether you need a house or home lift, or a stairlift, as you may not see much difference between the two, both transport you from one level of your home to the next. Our experts advise that a home lift can be more beneficial for those who struggle to lift themselves from a wheelchair to the stairlift seat, or those who have general issues with raising out of chairs. The home lift is designed so that you and other members of your household can transport from one floor to the other, meaning if you and a loved one both suffer from mobility issues you may both travel at the same time. Home lifts are also ideal as they can typically be placed into any room desired by yourselves, therefore if you require a home lift that takes you specifically to your bedroom this can be installed.

What are the benefits of getting a home lift?

Many of us buy homes, often not thinking about the home lift in the slightest and therefore end up relying on the stairs for getting around the house. This can lead to injuries due to slipped discs, banged knuckles, banged heads or breaking ankles if you fall down the stairs, or general tiredness due to age. Getting a home lift eases these problems, you will no longer have to rely on stairs to access your home, meaning you can experience full accessibility from your home for many years to come, instead of investing in retirement home fees, why not invest in making your home more accessible for the future, we call it futureproofing.

How much does it cost to install a home lift?

In general, adaptmyhome domestic lift costs range from £8,950 to £16,000, depending on the level of features you wish to incorporate in your lift, lift type, lift size and lift travel height. For a general domestic home lift installation, the average cost of lift and installation ranges to around £13,000. Although with the wonders of the internet, there are now many ways to check the prices of your local suppliers, including a comparative home lift price website that is incredibly easy and straightforward to use, alternatively you can contact your local supplier directly for a no-commitment quote for your home, including a free consultation and survey.

There are also a number of local grants that may be able to help with your costs of the home lift product and of installation, these grants are different by location but are available here.


When it comes to deciding whether or not you need a home life, the choice is yours, many times a stairlift may prove to be just as effective, it really does depend on your personal needs, whether anybody else in the household shares those same requirements. Installing a home lift can give you peace of mind and knowing that you will be able to remain in your home for many years to come, should climbing the stairs and mobility become too much of a strain.

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