Adaptmyhome now take card payments!

Adaptmyhome now take card payments!

For smaller jobs or where a deposit is required, we now offer the convenience of paying by card. The great thing about the iZettle card reader (A PayPal service) is that it accepts all major credit and debit cards, and even mobile and contactless payments.

Our portable card readers allow us to take payments in your home or over the phone*, and the secure method of payment means we never have to ask for your card details.

Chip-card data is encrypted in the card reader, and never stored on our systems. So in the unlikely event of a mobile device or an iZettle chip-card reader becoming lost or stolen, your card details and money remains safe. Our card reader is EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) approved and complies with the strict “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” (PCI DSS) for handling card data.

*card transaction fees may apply.

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